Currently a work in progress. Aren’t we all?

Who Am I?

That’s a loaded question. I’m Zen Lane, though I prefer Zen Legend as my pen name. I identify as a male but was born a female – and it only took me 36 years to figure it out. I’ve been diagnosed with ADHD and I believe it’s a superpower. I’m a rebel. I’m a fighter. I’m hopelessly optimistic. I’m sapiosexual. I have currently started practicing Zen Buddhism.

Why Zen?

I picked the name Zen after I discovered that I was truly male. The reason for this is because I felt like I was finally finding myself. Things are starting to fall into place.

The word ‘zen’ to me describes a type of perfection that is personal. The Buddha found his own ‘zen’ when he became enlightened. Others may find it when they do what they love for a living, or when they’re painting or crafting or doing something they love. I seem to be finding my zen as I discover myself in all aspects of life.