Packer Questions

I recently got a packer. Since I had a lot of questions and pre-conceived notions about them that were completely wrong, I decided to write this post regarding Packers. I’ve also had a question or two about them.

What Is a Packer?

A packer is a fake penis. You put it in your underwear to make it appear you have a package (thus the name packer…). They come in many shapes and sizes but I have noticed that the “Mr. Limpy” is the most common and most well liked in the transgender community from what I’ve seen.

Quick Terminology Lesson: Wearing a packer is referred to as “packing”. Can be used in a question like this:

Do you pack?

Yeah, I pack.

Though, you probably shouldn’t just go around asking ftms if they pack or not. It’s kind of like asking a cis guy how big their penis is. In normal conversation it’s typically not considered appropriate, however, in certain circumstances, I guess it could be?

How Much Are Packers?

I thought they would be expensive, but they’re really not. I got a medium size from Fleshlight and that one was about $15. The smaller size is about $12. You can also get them off Amazon by searching “Mr. Limpy packer” for about the same price. If you’re looking for underwear you can wear with them, has them, and they even have a few that come with a small or medium packer for free. The underwear there is about $20-$30.

If you are ftm and are unable to get a packer for whatever reason, message me privately.

How Do You Wear Your Packer?

I currently have a simple elastic strap with snaps to hold it in place. The strap was made by a friend of mine. If you’re interested in one, let me know. I’ll hook you up.

There are other ways to wear a packer that I haven’t tried. You can just put it in your regular underwear and position it, but I found it rarely stays where I want it. You can purchase special underwear that will hold it in place. You can also wear a strap. Some straps are like jock straps. This is not what I have currently.

Do You Like Your Current Packer?

I like it pretty good, but it took a lot of getting use to. I got the Medium sized Mr. Limpy. It looked much smaller in the picture when I ordered it and there was no length measurement on the product description. The medium size is approximately 8″ long. Obviously, it as modeled after either a hard cock, or a “show-er”. I couldn’t imagine what it would be if it grew hard otherwise! XD

If I had known that the medium was that big, I would have just ordered the small, which I thought was tiny. The small Mr. Limpy does have bigger balls than the larger sizes. I’m not sure what that’s about though.

What Are the Best Underwear for Packers?

If you are not using packer-specific underwear or a strap, I suggest briefs or boxer briefs to help hold it in place. If you have a strap, you can get away with boxers or going commando if you like.

Really, it’s a personal preference. My preference is currently boxer briefs. I like boxers better, but the free hanging that happens is something to get used to especially with a larger packer.

What Is an STP?

An STP is a Stand-to-Pee device. Most look like funnels for a car and should probably not be used out in public restrooms (because it looks weird if you’re standing at a urinal, peeing out of a funnel).

I don’t have an STP yet, but the one I want is the EZP. It is shaped like a real penis and is hollow inside so you can pee into it and it looks like you’re peeing out of a penis. It also doubles as a packer. Unfortunately, these are about $200. I’m currently saving up for one (and I will take donations to that cause). I’ll let you all know when I get one and try it out.

Have more questions? Contact me.


2 thoughts on “Packer Questions

  1. Applause! I’ve been curious so much about standing to pee. Please say you’ll write your name in the snow at first opportunity because I, personally, want to hold you in highest regard for pissing such a high milestone! All joking aside, thank you for your honesty. It’s fascinating to witness the different aspects.


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