How Is Your Hair Growth?

I’ll try to keep this updated as much as possible. My hair growth is kind of all over the place right now (updated 6/13/18, 11 months on T). I’ll break it down for places on my body here:

Facial Hair

I currently have a fuzzy cop-stache that you can barely see growing in. The most notable hair growth on my face is the currently uneven split goatee on my chin. It’s currently about an inch and a half long and I haven’t shaved it in at least a month. I’m going to have to learn how to trim it soon.

Under Arms

It seems a little thicker than normal, but I don’t really have much to compare it to since I shaved a lot before my transition. The hairs are long and they sometimes get caught in my binder, which isn’t all that fun. I’ve been contemplating shaving them still, but I’m pretty undecided about that. It’s just a lot to get use to.


I’m starting to notice some random dark hairs growing out on my chest. They’re mostly around the nipples and are not very noticeable (except by me of course XD). I’m also slightly developing a happy trail along my abdomen, but it’s currently very faint.

Leg Hair

I guess it’s thicker than normal. I use to shave all the time, but when I didn’t, it was pretty thick and dark like it is now. As far as the hair on my feet, I’ve always had hobbit feet, so I feel this isn’t much change from the normal, I just don’t shave it anymore.

Crotch/Genitalia Area

It’s thick and curly as usual, I try to keep this shaved mainly because the hair is really just annoying. If it weren’t so damn thick in the first place I guess I wouldn’t have a problem with it.

My Thoughts on Shaving

Shaving certain parts and not others is a personal choice. It should not be defined by gender. If you wanna shave your face, shave your face. If you wanna shave your legs, shave your damn legs. Wanna shave your crotch? Go for it. It’s between you, and in some cases your partner (in case of preferences, but really, it’s up to you).



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